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The story of this family is a valuable ambassador of the “made in Italy” label, like so many others. It began in 1947, when Luigi Merletti had the idea to start producing bobbin lace, with his wife, Ada, and his daughters, Antonia and Maria, with their husbands, Aldo and Luigi.

Merlettis’ strategy has always been clear and has proved to be winning. They have ploughed all the Company profits into the purchase of new machinery, expanding commercial operations to cover whole Italy. At the same time, they have never lost sight of technological advances, introducing avant-garde electronic machinery.
As a result, the Company has expanded into European and worldwide markets and has begun studying innovative new products.

In addition to the traditional rigid lace, it has begun producing stretch lace (both with inserts of ribbons or incorporating various kind of ribbons, tulle, organza and embroidery) and lace with fringes, concentrated on different fields for womenswear and childrenswear, lingerie, underwear, but also for linen house.
As well as cotton, linen, viscose, wool, lurex and polyester, the Company has begun using sequins, rhinestones, beads and special treatments. We have always believed it is vital to pay particular attention to service and product quality, using only premium quality materials.

“Women are increasingly attentive to the decoration, as long as it is sumptuous and offers artisan surplus value”, that is the reason why, in creating each collection, the Company considers trends and fashions to satisfy the requirements of stylists and the Fashion.

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